LAPD Becomes Country’s Largest Police Department To Test Drones

By: Aaron Kesel/Activist Post    The Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners approved the police department’s pilot drone program in a 3-1 vote that will allow the LAPD to fly unarmed drones. Despite ongoing protests, the civilian panel approved the measure with only one person, Commissioner Cynthia McClain-Hill, rejecting giving the LAPD access to drones. This makes Los Angeles […]

9 Things You Could Have Bought Instead of Funding the Failed US Empire

(ANTIMEDIA Op-ed) According to recently released budget data from the Pentagon, the direct cost of America’s wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria since 9/11 will amount to roughly $1.5 trillion by next October. DefenseOne, a military news outlet, reported this week that this information became available because “The 2017 National Defense Authorization Act ordered the […]


Rocketman and Frickin’ Lasers!

We Are Change

Hi everybody Jason Bermas here reporting for Today I want to discuss the supposed North Korean missile non-crisis. The one, the media, and government, alike are shoving down our throats. Various mainstream news and Donald Trump quotes: “North Korea’s reckless pursuit of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles threatens the entire world with unthinkable loss […]

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Robocop Reality: Massive Military Drones Could Start Replacing Police Helicopters

(ANTIMEDIA)  — According to the defense contractor that developed the Predator and Reaper drones for the United States military’s operations in the Middle East, drones will have begun to replace piloted law enforcement helicopters by the year 2025. On Monday, it was reported that the contractor, General Atomics (GA), is pressing hard for the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) to change its regulations on […]