Not Funny: Jerry Seinfeld Visits Israeli ‘Terror Fantasy Camp’ in West Bank

(MEE) — American comedian Jerry Seinfeld visited an Israeli “counter-terror” security training academy in the occupied West Bank with his family last week, and Palestinian and human rights activists didn’t find it funny. The star of the celebrated sitcom “Seinfeld” drew condemnations for posing with Israeli trainers at the Caliber 3 academy near the illegal settlement of […]

Oprah 2020 Is Not the Answer

(ANTIMEDIA Op-ed) — On Sunday evening at the annual Golden Globes award ceremony in Los Angeles, Oprah won hearts and minds with a rousing speech about speaking truth to power and advancing the position of women in society. It was an objectively powerful oration, and social media was promptly flooded with calls for Oprah to be the country’s next president. […]

In Push for Diversity, Marvel Has Pissed off a Bunch of Its Fans

(ANTIMEDIA Op-ed) — Less than two weeks ago, when Marvel Comics released the list of titles it would be offering for March of next year, a glaring reality —  at least for one pocket of the internet —  immediately came into focus. That’s because a handful of series that had caused quite a bit of controversy were conspicuously absent from Marvel’s […]

Company Gives Non-Smokers Six Extra Days of Vacation To Make Up For Cigarette Breaks

(ANTIMEDIA) — A company is providing non-smoking employees an extra six days of vacation time per year to compensate for the time smoking staff members take on cigarette breaks. Piala Inc, a Japanese marketing firm, introduced the policy in September after receiving multiple complaints from workers who do not smoke cigarettes. “One of our non-smoking staff put a […]

Yes, Robot Lawyers Are Now A Thing

(ANTIMEDIA) Beijing, China — In China, where artificial intelligence (AI) is gradually being integrated into the court system, the latest development is a robot that helps litigants with legal advice. Xiaofa, the state-run China Daily reported Friday, is 1.46 meters tall, can move its head and hands, and speaks in a child’s voice. “Xiaofa explains complicated legal terms in everyday […]

Watch: South Park Takes on White Supremacists in a Way Only South Park Can

(ANTIMEDIA) — Sticking with its tradition of tackling national controversies and touchy subjects in a twisted, satirical manner, South Park took on Charlottesville and white supremacists in its season premiere Wednesday evening. In the episode, “White People Remodeling Houses,” the South Park team features working class white men waving Confederate flags. They angrily chant “You will […]


Hillary Compares Herself to Hated Game of Thrones’ Character Cersei Lannister

(ANTIMEDIA Op-ed) — In both her new book What Happened and a recent interview she recently conducted, Hillary Clinton blames her 2016 loss on everyone from Bernie Sanders and the Russians to Joe Biden and Barack Obama. In her latest book, she also compares herself to one of the most loathed characters in modern television history. Recalling how Trump supporters […]


Internet Explodes After Miss Texas Calls Out Trump’s Charlottesville Response on Live TV

(ANTIMEDIA) — This year’s Miss America pageant, held on Sunday, took an unexpected turn. Typically, in the final round of competition, each finalist is presented with one question. This year, pageant organizers broke from that tradition and presented the last five finalists with two questions each, one serious and one playful. The politically charged questioning began with Miss […]

Chilling Survey Reveals Majority of Americans Willing To Preemptively Nuke Other Nations

(ANTIMEDIA) — A new survey published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) suggests Americans are willing to make a first nuclear strike against Iran and kill millions of civilians in the process. According to the report, entitled “Revisiting Hiroshima in Iran,” although the majority of Americans initially approved of President Harry S. Truman’s decision to drop the nuclear […]