Federal Reserve Just Officially Decried Bitcoin As “Not Backed”

By: Jeffrey A. Tucker /FEE — Randal K. Quarles, a Trump administration appointee to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and Vice Chair for bank supervision, has given a lengthy speech (“Thoughts on Prudent Innovation in the Payment System”) that directly targets Bitcoin as a danger to the monetary and financial system. To reiterate, an official speaking for the nation’s […]

Crypto Start-Up Trive to Combat Fake News Using Blockchain Tech, Cryptocurrency

(ANTIMEDIA) — As the battle over fake news rages on and attempts by corporations like Facebook and Google to curb the spread of misinformation fail miserably, one unique start-up claims to have the ultimate solution, and it combines the wisdom of the crowds. It’s called Trive, a combination of the words “truth” and “hive,” and it uses the blockchain to […]

JP Morgan CEO Exposed for Being “Full of Sh*t” After Calling Bitcoin a Fraud

(ANTIMEDIA)  New York, NY — Long-time cryptocurrency critic and CEO of JP Morgan Chase Jamie Dimon slammed Bitcoin earlier this week, claiming the digital currency is “a fraud.” He later threatened to fire any JP Morgan traders caught trading in Bitcoin. “I’d fire them in a second. For two reasons: It’s against our rules, and they’re stupid. And both […]


How Blockchain-Based Social Media Companies are Rendering Centralized Behemoths Obsolete!

We Are Change

  Serious Question: Do you think Centralized Social Media platforms like Youtube and Facebook will still be popular in 10 years? Going by the level of censorship taking place on YouTube/Twitter/Facebook – My prediction is there will be a massive shift to blockchain based decentralized platforms in the next few years. Let’s see what’s been […]

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