JPMorgan CEO Now Regrets Calling Bitcoin a Fraud as Kodak Unveils Its Own Crypto

(ANTIMEDIA)  — The subject of cryptocurrencies made quite a few headlines on Tuesday, with a household name company announcing its intention to leap into the fray. At the same time, a banking heavyweight admitted he was wrong to initially disregard blockchain technology. Speaking at an investment conference back in September, Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, said things “won’t end well” for those dabbling in Bitcoin and […]


Federal Reserve Just Officially Decried Bitcoin As “Not Backed”

By: Jeffrey A. Tucker /FEE — Randal K. Quarles, a Trump administration appointee to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and Vice Chair for bank supervision, has given a lengthy speech (“Thoughts on Prudent Innovation in the Payment System”) that directly targets Bitcoin as a danger to the monetary and financial system. To reiterate, an official speaking for the nation’s […]

America’s Biggest Bitcoin Exchange Back Up After 25 Minute ‘Glitch’ Brought It Down

(ZHE) — Bitcoin is extending its gains after the 25-minute shutdown on GDAX. Mike Novogratz – self-described as “the Forrest Gump of Bitcoin” – is on the wires calling Bitcoin a “cultural revolution.” “The world is in blockchain speculative phase… not close to the end of the speculative phase” Novo added that Bitcoin futures will give rise […]