Disturbing – Yet Accurate – Illustrations That Portray The Absurdities Of Modern Society

Warning: Some of these images are graphic and may be inappropriate for the workplace.  By: Amanda Froelich/True Activist  Because the truth can be hard to grasp, a number of artists have used their abilities in recent years to expose accepted ‘norms’ of society in creative, thought-provoking ways. From “This Activist’s Artwork Speaks Volumes About Present-Day […]


Violent Child Pimp And Human Sex Trafficker Lands Staggering 472-Year Prison Term

By: Claire Bernish/The Mind Unleashed   “Every day the beatings, the name callings, the shavings of one’s head,” recalled Brehannah Leary of horrific abuse she and many other very young women and girls suffered at the hands of a human trafficker, during his trial. “I can’t begin to even explain what he did to my life.” Thirty-one-year-old Brock Franklin was […]


Jaw-Dropping Video Shows Real Life Slave Trade, Humans Being Bought & Sold In The Open

By: John Vibes/The Free Thought Project  Refugees are being kidnapped from Libya and Niger, and sold in auctions for as little as $400, according to an investigative report that documented the abuse in war-torn Libya through hidden cameras that showed young men being lined up to be inspected for buyers, with auctioneers referring to them as “merchandise” and “big […]


Anti-Fracking Protests Successfully Shut Down Traffic At Energy Companies’ Offices

By: Julia Conley/COMMONDREAMS   Holding a banner reading “We won’t stop—There’s too much at stake,” demonstrators shut down morning traffic at an office park outside Pittsburgh on Monday, in protest of the harmful effects 15 energy companies in the complex have on the environment. Seas are rising they telling me. Seas rising & so are we. So rise […]


Following Massive Leak, Tribal Groups Vow To Stop Keystone XL Construction

By: Jake Johnson/COMMONDREAMS — Just four days after TransCanada’s Keystone Pipeline leaked over 200,000 gallons of oil across a large swath of South Dakota farmland, the Nebraska Public Service Commission on Monday granted the oil giant a major permit to move ahead with its $8 billion Keystone XL (KXL) tar sands project—a decision environmentalists and tribal leaders decried as an embrace […]


Media Silence As Fed Committee Passes Act Allowing Warrantless Searches

By: Rachel Blevins/The Free Thought Project  It has been over one month since the latest dangerous piece of legislation meant to infringe on Americans’ constitutional rights was introduced, and Congress is now moving forward with the bill that will have serious ramifications for all Americans by blatantly violating the freedoms guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment if it […]


Nebraska Panel Won’t Consider Last Week’s Spill In Keystone XL Pipeline Decision

By: Jon Queally/COMMONDREAMS — Climate justice groups and local pipeline opponents in Nebraska are condemning an announcement by the state’s Public Service Commission (PSC) which indicated late Friday that a massive underground spill of the existing Keystone pipeline in South Dakota this week will have no bearing on a pivotal approval decision to build the Keystone XL pipeline scheduled for […]


Stallone Allegedly Raped A 16yo Girl & Cops Told Her Not To Press Charges As ‘He’s Very Powerful’

By: Matt Agorist/The Free Thought Project  Shocking revelations have just come out detailing a police report filed on Sylvester Stallone for the alleged gang rape of a 16-year-old girl. Unlike previous instances of he said, she said, this case was documented—as soon as it allegedly happened—to the police. The incident reportedly took place in Las Vegas with […]


Gov’t Condones Pedophilia: Man Acquitted Of Rape As Court Rules 11-Year-Old Victim “Consented”

By: Jay Syrmopoulos/The Free Thought Project  A recent French court case has sharpened the debate over the age of sexual consent and rape. This is the second recent case that highlights the normalize of pedophilia currently taking place across western society. In the most recent case, a jury at Meaux, near Paris, said last week that the […]


Cops Accidentally Film Themselves Planting Cocaine In A Man’s Wallet [Video]

By: Carey Wedler/ANTIMEDIA  Los Angeles, CA — LAPD officers appear to have accidentally recorded themselves planting drugs on a suspect in an arrest made back in April. Though it’s not exactly clear where the drugs originated, the police report and officers’ testimonies differ from what their body camera footage shows. Last week, CBS Los Angeles published the body camera footage from 12 different […]


It’s Official: LAPD Now Officially Investigating Hollywood Pedophile Ring

By: Matt Agorist/The Free Thought Project  Hollywood, CA — For decades, child actors and Hollywood insiders alike have been all but screaming from rooftops about the alleged pedophile ring that is Tinseltown. However, no significant official inquiry into these claims appears to have ever taken place—until now. The Los Angeles Police Department has just officially confirmed […]


Schools Installing Cameras In High School Bathrooms, Parents Outraged Over Privacy Violation

By: Aaron Kesel/Activist Post  Windsor Charter Academy in Colorado is under fire by parents of students for its decision to install cameras in its high school bathrooms, KDVR Fox reported. Windsor Charter Academy executive director Rebecca Teeples stated that the installation of cameras “improves safety for students while helping secure the building.” The stalls in the bathroom go from […]


Corey Feldman Files Report With LAPD To Expose Elite ‘Pedophile Ring’

By: Matt Agorist/The Free Thought Project    “Yes, that’s him,” Corey Feldman confirms as Dr. Oz held up a photo of C. Jon Grissom during last week’s bombshell episode The Dr. Oz show. For years, Feldman has attempted to get these names out to the public and last week he went onto the Oz Show and contacted the authorities in Los Angeles. […]


State Threatens To Kidnap Child Because Parents Cure Her Seizures With CBD In A LEGAL State

By: Justin Gardner/The Free Thought Project    “I would look outside my window just scared to death I would see a police officer and CPS here to take my kid.” It’s a nightmare made entirely by the State. A little girl would be snatched away from caring parents for doing nothing more than healing their daughter’s debilitating condition […]


3 Times Seth MacFarlane Tried To Warn Us About Hollywood Sex Predators [Watch]

By: Aaron Nelson/ANTIMEDIA — As more accusers come forward alleging sexual misconduct by powerful Hollywood figures, Family Guy fans have noticed a pattern: Seth MacFarlane has used the show and his platform to warn of these people several times, and he’s been doing it for many years. 1) Kevin Spacey in 2005 Twelve years before Anthony Rapp accused Kevin […]