National Marijuana Legalization Could Raise $130 Billion While Adding 1.1 Million Jobs

(COMMONDREAMS) — Though a key argument for legalizing marijuana in the United States is that it would put a tremendous and necessary dent in the domestic and global failure known as “the War on Drugs,” a new analysis out Wednesday reveals that federal legalization could also raise more than $130 billion in tax revenue by 2025 while […]

‘Surrender Your Firearms’: Gov’t Now Confiscating Guns From Medical Marijuana Users

By: Rachel Blevins/The Free Thought Project   Residents in Honolulu, Hawaii were recently informed that if they use cannabis for medicinal purposes, they will be given 30 days to “voluntarily surrender” their firearms and ammunition before the Honolulu Police Department begins confiscation. A series of letters were mailed out from Police Chief Susan Ballard on Nov. 13, as confirmed by […]

Veterinarians Pushing Feds to Allow Research on Cannabis for Pets

(ANTIMEDIA) — American doctors, veterans, and even one child have lobbied the federal government to legalize cannabis for medicinal uses. Now, veterinarians are pushing Washington to reschedule the plant so they can conduct studies on the effectiveness of non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD) in treating ailments in dogs and other pets. It has long been reported that the federal government’s insistence on keeping […]

Cannabis Company Offers Brilliant Solution to Opioid Crisis: Trade Your Drugs for Weed

(ANTIMEDIA) Lebanon, Oregon— As the opioid crisis continues to plague the country, one cannabis company in Oregon is proposing a new solution. Kaya Holdings Inc. (KAYS), the first publicly traded company to open and operate a medical cannabis dispensary, is planning to set up an opioid-for-weed swap program where addicts can trade in their pills for the plant. […]


Archaeological Discovery Confirms Humans Have Been Using Cannabis For At Least 2,400 Years

By: Carey Wedler / Wake Up World   Archaeologists in China recently discovered evidence indicating humans have been using cannabis as medicine and employing it in spiritual rituals for over 2,400 years. According to a research paper entitled “Ancient Cannabis Burial Shroud in a Central Eurasian Cemetery”, published in Economic Botany late last month, “[a]n extraordinary cache of ancient, well-preserved […]


2017 Marijuana Sales in Colorado Just Exceeded $1 Billion in Only Eight Months

(ANTIMEDIA)  — Colorado’s marijuana industry continues to flourish, with pot sales for 2017 already exceeding $1 billion, up 21% from last year, according to state tax revenue data released this week. The Cannabist reports: “Colorado’s marijuana retailers logged upward of $1.02 billion in collective medical and recreational sales through August, according to The Cannabist’s extrapolations of state tax data released […]