This Incredible DIY Tiny Home Only Costs $1,200 To Build!

By: Amanda Froelich/True Activist  Who doesn’t daydream about  building a tiny home and living in secluded harmony with nature? Well, most of society… But if you’re one of the individuals who is infatuated by the prospect, you’re going to love this A-frame cabin that can be built for the small sum of $1,200. As shared on the Huffington Post, this tiny home is […]


Disturbing – Yet Accurate – Illustrations That Portray The Absurdities Of Modern Society

Warning: Some of these images are graphic and may be inappropriate for the workplace.  By: Amanda Froelich/True Activist  Because the truth can be hard to grasp, a number of artists have used their abilities in recent years to expose accepted ‘norms’ of society in creative, thought-provoking ways. From “This Activist’s Artwork Speaks Volumes About Present-Day […]


LeBron James Donates $41 Million To Send 1,100 Kids To College, Becomes 6th Most Charitable Athlete In The World

By: Amanda Froelich/True Activist  Basketball star Lebron James didn’t have the easiest childhood. Born in Akron, Ohio, his parents often struggled to make ends meet, which is why they sent him to live with the family of Frank Walker. It is a fortunate thing they did because it was through Walker that James learned of his […]


5th Vegas Survivor Mysteriously Dies Since the Attack — Murdered In Hit And Run

By: Matt Agorist/The Free Thought Project   Nearly two months after the Las Vegas shooting, five of the individuals who attended the Route 91 Harvest music festival have lost their lives—but the circumstances that led up their deaths had nothing to do with injuries they sustained during the shooting. The most recent Vegas survivor to lose meet an […]


Violent Child Pimp And Human Sex Trafficker Lands Staggering 472-Year Prison Term

By: Claire Bernish/The Mind Unleashed   “Every day the beatings, the name callings, the shavings of one’s head,” recalled Brehannah Leary of horrific abuse she and many other very young women and girls suffered at the hands of a human trafficker, during his trial. “I can’t begin to even explain what he did to my life.” Thirty-one-year-old Brock Franklin was […]


Black Friday: Shootings, Brawls, Babies Injured As Americans Trample Each Other For ‘Things’

By:  Matt Agorist/The Free Thought Project   Before their Thanksgiving dinners could settle, many Americans left their family atmospheres and descended upon department stores and big-box retailers across the country to partake in rampant and apparently violent Black Friday consumerism. Mindless shoppers aren’t even getting the great discounts they cherish since retailers artificially inflate prices of goods in […]


These 21 Brilliant Illustrations Summarize Everything Wrong With Society

By: Amanda Froelich/True Activist “Satire is fascinating stuff. It’s deadly serious, and when politics begin to break down, there is a drift towards satire, because it’s the only thing that makes any sense” – Ben Nicholsan. John Holcroft is a talented British illustrator known for his ability to merge retro-style illustrations with satirical commentary concerning topics […]


Jaw-Dropping Video Shows Real Life Slave Trade, Humans Being Bought & Sold In The Open

By: John Vibes/The Free Thought Project  Refugees are being kidnapped from Libya and Niger, and sold in auctions for as little as $400, according to an investigative report that documented the abuse in war-torn Libya through hidden cameras that showed young men being lined up to be inspected for buyers, with auctioneers referring to them as “merchandise” and “big […]


These Are The People Whose Lives Have Literally Been Destroyed By Memes

By: Darius Shahtahmasebi/ANTIMEDIA  Have you ever stopped to consider that the photos, videos, or memes you’re currently laughing at might have been uploaded to the internet without the consent of the person involved? Have you ever considered how that person would feel, waking up one morning to see themselves plastered all over the internet—not as a […]