App That Crowdsources Bail Lets Anyone Help Disrupt America’s Mass Incarceration

(ANTIMEDIA) — The United States is known for having one of the highest incarceration rates in the world, fueled by the Drug War, a bought-off justice system, and the ever-flourishing prison-industrial complex. With special interests from police unions to prison guard unions fueling mass incarceration (to say nothing of the private prison lobby), it is not difficult to understand why the supposedly […]


Mother Of 6 Faces Up To 2 Years In Prison For Charging For Plate Of Mexican Food

By:  Markab Algedi/The Mind Unleashed  A single mother of 6 from the notoriously poor city of Stockton, California recently made headlines after selling an undercover agent… a $12 plate of ceviche, Mexican food. 37-year-old Mariza Ruelas was selling her home cooked meals through the Facebook group 209 Food Spot when she accidentally did business with […]


Chinese Gov’t Wants To Send People Who Mock The Country’s National Anthem To Prison

By: James Holbrooks/ANTIMEDIA  China — In an effort to “uphold the respect of the people” for the country’s national anthem and “regulate their behavior while singing or playing” it, as the China Daily writes, China’s government is considering stiffening the penalty for mocking the tune. From the state-run outlet on Tuesday: “People who disrespect China’s national anthem could face up to three years in prison if […]