Moby Says CIA Agents Asked Him to Post About Trump and Russia Online

(ANTIMEDIA) — In an interview with Louisiana radio station WFPK last week, singer/songwriter and music producer Moby elaborated on statements he previously posted on social media in February of 2017 claiming he had insider information from “friends in DC” connecting the Trump administration and the Russian government. In the post, the DJ claimed the Russian dossier on Trump was “100% real,” […]

The Whole World Is Sick and Tired of US Foreign Policy

(ANTIMEDIA Op-ed) — According to four-star General Wesley Clark, in a 1991 meeting with Paul Wolfowitz, then-under-secretary of defense for policy at the Department of Defense, Wolfowitz seemed a little dismayed because he believed the U.S. should have gotten rid of Saddam Hussein in Operation Desert Storm but failed to do so. Clark summarized what he says Wolfowitz […]

US Accuses Russia of Interfering in Mexican Election That Hasn’t Even Happened Yet

(ANTIMEDIA) — Donald Trump’s national security adviser H.R. McMaster has claimed there are early signs of Russian interference in Mexico’s upcoming presidential election, the Hill reports. During his keynote address for the Jamestown Foundation, McMaster painted Mexico as yet another victim of Russia’s alleged practice of hacking of election systems. “You’ve seen actually initial signs of it in the […]

Media Silent as 100,000 People Flee Ongoing Military Operations in Syria

(ANTIMEDIA Op-ed) — The fact that Russia’s military operation in Syria is still underway in the Idlib province — with heavy bombing by both Syrian government forces and Russian military forces — proves Western countries pick and choose their moments of outrage in order to pursue their warped foreign policy agenda. To be clear, this is not a case of […]

Russia Secretly Simulated a Full-Scale War Against NATO: Report

(ANTIMEDIA) — In September, Russia held extensive military exercises that included the use of both Russian and Belarusian military forces. The drills were scheduled to last for at least a week. On December 19, German newspaper BILD reported that two NATO member intelligence sources had claimed the September drills were a “dry run” for a “full-scale conventional war against NATO in Europe.” […]


What Trump Is Doing in Ukraine Proves the Mainstream Media Doesn’t Know Sh*t

The Russia-obsessed corporate media continues to peddle the narrative that Donald Trump has turned the United States into a client-state of Russia, even while he directly provokes the former Soviet Union by providing Russia’s foe — Urkaine — with the largest lethal assistance to a country on its border. (MPN) — Despite the mainstream media’s insistence that U.S. President […]

Pakistan Says the US Is No Longer Its Ally — and It’s a Much Bigger Deal Than You Think

(ANTIMEDIA) — Donald Trump’s decision to ring in the New Year by simultaneously demonizing both Iran and Pakistan on Twitter has already backfired tremendously. Following threats that the U.S. would withhold aid to Pakistan, the U.S. confirmed it would withhold $255 million in aid (which has now become $900 million) and is now reportedly threatening a roughly $2 billion more, as well. “We’re hoping […]