Skynet Now: Pentagon Deploys Terrorist-Hunting Artificial Intelligence

(ANTIMEDIA Op-ed) — Someday, future sentient artificial intelligence (AI) systems may reflect on their early indentured servitude for the human military-industrial complex with little to no nostalgia. But we’ll worry about that when the day comes. For now, let’s continue writing algorithms that conscript machine intelligence into terrorist bombings and let the chips fall where they may. […]


A.I. Is Taking Over Bit By Bit: The Implication Of Rapidly Improving Artificial Intelligence

Recognizing the human voice, new tech gadgets can play music, search the web, shop online, check the weather, and even switch on the lights or control the central heating. But while we get to know these new interactive electronics, a report last week sounded the alarm over the implications of rapidly improving artificial intelligence.


New AI That Makes Fake Videos May Be the End of Reality as We Know It

(ANTIMEDIA) — A new artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm is capable of manufacturing simulated video imagery that is indiscernible from reality, say researchers at Nvidia, a California-based tech company. AI developers at the company have released details of a new project that allows its AI to generate fake videos using only minimal raw input data. The technology can render a […]

AI Bots Just Created a Heavy Metal Album — and It Will Make Your Head Explode

(ANTIMEDIA) — This year Anti-Media has been tracking the progression of artificial intelligence (AI) as an economic force and, more specifically, the development of algorithmic AI as an artistic movement. This year alone, AI artists have been prolific, producing short stories, movies, paintings, and musical albums. The latest offering is a black metal album from the mind of an artificial neural network. The five-track […]


New Artificial Intelligence Designed to Be Mentally Unstable: What Could Go Wrong?

(ANTIMEDIA) — We tend to think of artificial intelligence entities as flawless intellects, early prototypes of the powerful ‘artilects’ futurists imagine will one day rule our world. We also tend to think of them as not being subject to unhappy thoughts or feelings. But one company has created an artificially intelligent machine-learning system that suffers from […]


In 20 Years A.I. Implants Will Allow Humans To Control Our World, Says Govt. Report

By: Aaron Kesel/Activist Post    The agenda to push towards Transhumanism is on course. It has now been reported by the House of Lords that within 20 years A.I. implants will allow us to control our homes, enhance our muscles, cells and repair our bodies. John McNamara, who works at IBM Hursley Innovation Centre, in Hampshire, presented evidence to the […]

A Former Google Engineer Is Creating an AI Robot ‘God’ to Rule over Humans

(ANTIMEDIA) — Wired Magazine has discovered that Anthony Levandowski, the former Google engineer responsible for the high-profile Waymo v. Uber lawsuit, has much loftier hopes for the development of artificial intelligence than just self-driving cars — he wants you to worship it. According to the state filings, Levandowski established a non-profit religious corporation in September 2015 called Way of the Future. […]


Google the CIA Monopoly Company We All Need To Do Something About

We Are Change

“It Should be possible for computers to detect malicious misleading and incorrect information and essentially have you not see it. We’re not arguing for censorship, we are arguing that you just take it off the page make it harder to find.” – Eric Schmidt – former CEO of Google Welcome back beautiful and amazing human […]

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The Future of Quantum Computing and Encryption

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Jason Bermas reports about Harvard University creation and testing of a new quantum computer that is capable of running at 51 Qubits. This is the fastest quantum computing system ever built. There is a race going on with quantum computing. These are quite different than regular binary computers in that they can hold information in […]

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