Watch: Fox News Hosts Meltdown Over Super Bowl Protests That Haven’t Happened Yet

(ANTIMEDIA Op-ed) — Fox News snowflakes are melting in anticipation of the Super Bowl, where they fear NFL players may take a knee in ongoing protests against police brutality and institutional racism. On the Outnumbered morning show, the panel expressed their dismay and fragility over the possibility that the apparent disrespect would be televised. “Just days after President Trump […]


NBA Orders Players to Stand for the National Anthem

(ZHE) — With the NFL finding itself trapped in a vise of sliding viewership on one hand, and a sudden plunge in its favorability as a result of the ongoing “kneeling” feud with President Trump, which according to a just released POLITICO/Morning Consult poll has plunged from 30% on September 21 to just 17% on September 28, the most unfavorable in history… […]

NFL Taking A Knee During Anthem, Uncomfortable Truth

We Are Change

The U.S. corporate government media is pushing the controversial “Take a Knee” protests that some players are doing.  Most Americans are playing into this racial divide and conquer techniques. Many are outraged because they see the act, of kneeling during the playing of the national anthem, as a sign of disrespect. Colin Kaepernick started kneeling […]

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A Team-By-Team Guide to NFL Players Who Protested the National Anthem in Week 3

(SP) — During the third week of the National Football League season, the NFL responded to President Donald Trump’s comments slurring players, who take a knee during the national anthem to protest injustice, police brutality, and systemic racism. The owners and coaches linked arms to show Trump he would not divide them. But there were several players, […]

What Everyone Is Forgetting About the NFL’s National Anthem Protests

(ANTIMEDIA) If you live in the United States, it’s likely you’ve heard about NFL players’ recent Colin Kaepernick-inspired protests during the National Anthem. It’s also likely you’ve engaged in debate surrounding the protests, inflamed over the weekend by President Trump’s remarks calling for players who protest the National Anthem to be fired. Everywhere you look, people are arguing […]


10 Clarifying #TakeaKnee Tweets as NFL Teams and Players Rebuff President Trump

If protests did nothing, the powerful wouldn’t try so hard to silence them. (COMMONDREAMS) — With #TakeaKnee going viral on Sunday as NFL players push back against threats by President Donald Trump, those who support the president’s position that professional athletes—and especially black or brown professional athletes—should just do as they are told and not speak their minds were infecting […]