16 Surreal Scenes That Prove All Hell Is Literally Breaking Loose in California

(ANTIMEDIA) — While political fires burn across the U.S. in the form of Roy Moore, President Trump declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel, and the rising value of cryptocurrencies against a dying dollar, southern California is currently facing much more dangerous and imminent fires. The postcard scenery of the Golden State — or at least vast sections of […]


Breaking: 27,000 Forced to Flee as ‘Out of Control’ California Fire Explodes

(ANTIMEDIA) Ventura, California — A massive fire is plaguing Ventura County, California, and due to strong winds, remains uncontained as of Tuesday. The fire has burned over 45,000 acres and prompted 27,000 evacuations. The Thomas fire started Monday evening near California Highway 150 in Santa Paula and then spread to Ventura. At one point, in the span of an […]


5-Year-Old Girl Fined By State Authorities For Selling Lemonade Without Business License

By: Matt Agorist/The Free Thought Project  Porterville, CA — The State knows no empathy, logic, or reason and will enforce its most asinine decrees—even if it means targeting an innocent five-year-old girl’s lemonade stand. Without resistance, this encroachment upon our everyday activities is as inevitable as the tide. In Porterville, California, a family is learning this harsh reality […]


Student-Made Sustainable Tiny House Represents New American Dream

By: Brianna Acuesta/True Activist  Every year, students from California State University, Sacramento’s STORC school get to work on projects that pave a way to a more sustainable and technological future. Most years, students working in the the Sustainable Technology Optimization Research Center (STORC) build a tiny house from scratch, which is an incredible feat. Even […]


20+ Scenes That Show All Hell Is Literally Breaking Loose in California Right Now

(ANTIMEDIA) California — At least fifteen people are dead and over 150 have been reported missing in wildfires currently plaguing northern California and other parts of the state, the Los Angeles Times reports. Multiple fires are burning “upwards of 100,000 acres” across the northern region, and a large fire in Anaheim, located in the southern California, is also burning […]