“Tell Him to Relay to His General That Russians Have Urged Him to Stop Following Them” — Latest US-Russian Syria Encounter


The US-Russian road war in northern Syria continues. The Americans keep blocking roads after which the Russians generally perform small detours to go around them and continue on their way.

This time a US vehicle was closely following a Russian patrol so the Russians disembarked and asked the Americans why were they in Syria in the first place:

"This is Syrian Arab Republic territory, and that Russian forces are there by the invitation of its president Bashar al-Assad. On what grounds are you here?"

"Tell him to relay to his general that Russians have urged him to stop following them"

Usually, these take place on the M4 highway in northeastern Syria where the Americans insist the Russians should not use the highway but only an inferior road along the very border with Turkey.

Along with the French, the Americans used to be the only foreign military in northeastern Syria, but since last year the Russians moved in to check Turkish advances which the US was unwilling to do.


Russian and US Militaries Keep Staging Surreal Syria Encounters (VIDEO)


US military still trying to interfere with Russian presence in NW Syria, and if possible block the Russians' access to the M4 highway parallel to the Syrian-Turkish border.

Sometimes it works better (video is from late May):

And sometimes not at all (footage is from a few days ago):


You get the feeling the terrain was so open, and the task so hopeless, the American threw in the towel ahead.

It's neither Meeting at the Elbe, nor fortunately WW3. Something in between.