WATCH: Plane scrapes along highway inches from truck before crashing near airport

Courtesy of Tom Podolec Aviatio © Twitter / TomPodolec / Free

A truck driver got the fright of his life when a plane sped past his vehicle as he drove along a Canadian highway before it crashed moments later, shocking dashcam video reveals.

A Cirrus SR20 crashed near Buttonville Municipal Airport near Toronto, Canada on Tuesday. A pilot instructor and student were practising circuits around the airport at the time.

Video sent to aviation photojournalist Tom Podolec, filmed by truck driver Bill Chan, shows the nail-biting moment the aircraft careens across 16th Avenue, narrowly avoiding smashing into any vehicles before it crashes at the end of the runway 33 seconds later.

The plane appears out of nowhere and almost collides with the truck filming the close call. The aircraft’s wing seems to scrape the road as it speeds past. Seconds later, a piece of debris from the plane falls on the road.

“I was driving on the highway, I was picking up speed, and then the plane just came right in front of me,” Chan told CBC. “I tried to dodge it, and that’s when everything crashed.”

The pilot instructor and the student suffered minor injuries in the crash. The aircraft was badly damaged.

The Transportation Safety Board Canada said a “private single engine Cirrus SR20 aircraft received significant damage during a runway excursion” at the airport around 2pm. It deployed investigators to the airport to assess the situation.

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