PHOTO: Rare sight of ISS passage against the Sun caught on camera

FILE PHOTO © Reuters / NASA / Roscosmos / Free

Unique pictures and video captured by a Russian photographer from Siberia show the International Space Station (ISS) passing against the backdrop of the solar disk.

“This passage is so interesting because it takes just 0.9 second, so you have to calculate time and location of the shooting with maximum precision,” photographer Alexey Polyakov wrote on Instagram, adding that it was very difficult to catch the ISS at such a long distance.

According to Polyakov, the ISS passage was captured with a shooting speed of 128 frames per second with a resolution higher than FullHD, which led to a three-second video of almost 1.2 GB.

The footage also captured a sunspot – a dark area on the surface of the Sun formed due to strong magnetic field lines coming up through the surface.

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Alexey Polyakov, from the city of Novosibirsk, has been running a project called ‘Mobile observatory’ for a few years, capturing with special equipment starry skies and astronomical phenomena.

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