Fire spreads to one of the rectangular towers on the front of Notre Dame (WATCH LIVE)

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Fire has spread to the left rectangular tower of the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral, which has been ravaged by a massive blaze. The historic building has had its spire and roof completely collapsed.

Smoke is seen billowing from the left rectangular tower of the cathedral, prompting fears that the blaze has actually spread to the few parts of the 13th-century building left untouched by the fire.

The towers are the oldest part of the cathedral, which has lived through several renovations and received ‘new’ additions in the 17th and 18th centuries. The towers house the bells of the cathedral. Its largest bell is actually the namesake of the incumbent French president and goes by the name of ‘Emmanuel’.

The firefighters, who are still struggling to contain the fire, said they are reluctant to call in aerial support, such as firefighting helicopters. A massive haul of water, poured on the ancient structure, might collapse the entire building.

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