Amazon won’t stop selling ‘offensive’ toilet rugs with Hindu gods despite mass backlash from Indians

Screenshot of a door mat. ©; Amazon advertisements are seen in Mumbai, India. © Reuters / Shailesh Andrade (R) / Free

Amazon has faced a major backlash in India, as online users – yet again –discovered toilet seat covers, door rugs and other questionable items featuring Hindu gods and other Indian symbols sold by the e-commerce giant.

The questionable merchandise caught the eye of Twitter users this week, promptly sparking outrage among Hinduists and others, who deemed it offensive. A petition, calling upon Amazon to remove the products was launched, scoring over 60,000 signatures in less than two days.

Amazon has apparently noted the petition, as the majority of the offending products listed have been already removed. The merchandise, supposedly designed to show religious and national pride in the most intimate moments, included toilet lid covers and bathroom mats, as well as India’s flag doormats and even flip flops featuring Mahatma Gandhi.

While the e-commerce giant appeared to be swift to take action, other similar products that escaped the eye of the petition’s sponsor are still readily available for purchase.

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In fact, Amazon has repeatedly faced backlash, calls for boycott and so on in India over the very same matter. Another major scandal over toilet lid covers and rugs erupted just a couple month ago. Back then, a petition was launched[ link to old petition] to remove the controversial merchandise, yet the recurring scandals have not apparently taught the company to bar such products from the platform altogether.

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