WATCH two Russian Sukhoi fighter jets refueling mid-air in stunning POV-style VIDEO

FILE PHOTO A Russian Su-30 fighter jet refueling mid-air. © Vitaly Timkiv / Sputnik / Free

New footage provides a unique single-take shot of aerial refueling, performed by two Russian fighter jets during a training flight. It was filmed fully from the pilot’s point of view, from takeoff to landing.

The cockpit video was shared by the military-themed Zvezda TV channel on Sunday. It shows a pair of Su-35 and Su-30 fighter planes refueling mid-air, while positioning themselves less than 20 meters away from an Il-78 air tanker. The maneuver was executed during a training flight in European Russia.

The nearly eight-minute-long POV-style footage starts with from one of the jets taking off from an airfield and ends with the plane landing. The second jet can be seen as well, as both planes carefully attach themselves to hoses deployed from the tanker.

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