Residents spring into action as dozens of mattresses fly away in Colorado storm (VIDEO)

File photo: © Global Look Press / CHROMORANGE / Reinhold Tscherwit / Free

Residents of Stapleton, Colorado were bemoaning a spot of overcast, windy weather when they were suddenly beset on all sides by a horde of flying blow-up beds in what has been dubbed the “great mattress migration of 2019.”

In eyewitness footage posted online by local Robb Manes, the magnificent mattress menagerie was captured in its full, natural beauty.

It seems a nearby outdoor cinema event hadn’t banked on the notoriously blustery Colorado weather, and forgot to properly secure their air mattresses. 

Chaos ensued as dozens of the bedding units inflated for the event flew through a local field, evading capture as they made their bid for freedom, vaulting over a gate and into a pool.

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