Mind Control Extraordinaire: “A Spoke In An Ancient Wheel”

This article was originally published by Catherine Frompovich at Activist Post. 

With all the unusual circumstances surrounding the alleged ‘suicide’ of Jeffrey Epstein during the past week or so, one would think nothing could surpass the hyperbole; conspiracy theories abounding one after another; the deliberate non-cooperation by MCC prison guards on duty that night/morning; plus the association of elites, who apparently were attracted to Epstein’s sordid practices regarding sex and human trafficking with underage boys and girls—not to mention ‘secret rituals’ that took place at many of Epstein’s ‘playgrounds’.

Kudos must go to InfoWars for producing and publishing a video, which historically documents what went on with the U.S. CIA and government using severe mind control methods in order to use kids as young as nine-years-old to entrap sexually high ranking professionals in numerous careers.

The video documents then-President Clinton’s offering an apology with financial compensation, but NO investigation ever was undertaken.  That means the ‘masters’ of mind control and pedophilia have ‘perfected’ their ‘sport’ during “new world order” times which President George H.W. Bush termed “New World Order, a world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations.”

By the way, Adolph Hitler also called mind control “New World Order.”

Testimony before hearings by mind control protégés, which the video includes, will blow your mind with unbelievable factual stories of nothing short of torture, which still goes on today in various formats, including those individuals in the USA who are termed “Targeted Individuals: TIs” that, according to some sources, number about 1.5 million subjects.

Congressional Testimony From Clinton Era Reveals 
Pedophile Blackmail Network
9:34 minutes

After viewing the above video, it ought to be incumbent upon every empathetic American to demand corrective actions from Congressional oversight to stop such insidious programs government agencies promote.

We have to wonder WHAT sources can do currently with radiofrequency microwaves to induce abnormal behaviors in this country.  Does that sound so unbelievably far-fetched?  Not any more than pedophilia being a favorite ‘sport’ of elites, and which Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘apparent death’ went out of the way to feature in as many ways as possible.

Who says dead men can’t ‘speak’?

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