‘A miracle no one was hurt’: Handball players flee as CAR crashes through gym wall during game (VIDEO)

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A handball game in the Swedish junior league was halted after a car crashed into the gym’s wall forcing players, coaches and spectators to flee the venue in panic and horror.

The bizarre incident took place in Stockholm on Sunday in the middle of a game between two local teams Boden and Skare, when an allegedly drunken driver smashed right into the Viking Hall which hosted the game.

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In a video, which was shared on social media, players of both teams are seen running away from the field before the camera switches over to a car which was nearly half way inside the gym.

It is a miracle that no one was injured,” Boden’s coach Johan Nyström commented on the incident.

Ten seconds before the incident happened, players had been exactly in the same place where the car came in. It’s just pure luck, almost a miracle that no one happened to be there at the moment of the crash and that no one was hurt.”

The driver reportedly received minor injuries and was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.


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