Upcoming ‘Apple Watch for kids’ is a bad sign of creeping tech addiction

The next Apple Watch update may be a lot more child-centric, bringing better parental controls and a school mode. But regardless of the benefits, this early induction into the tech world is a win for the tech, not for the kids. Enthusiasts digging into Apple software for hints of what future updates might bring have discovered that the Apple Watch, a gadget sold in the tens of millions every year, is likely moving to be more ‘child-friendly’ in the future. The new functions apparently in the works would make it more appealing for a parent to buy a set for their kids. Big Tech is aiming to be with us from day one – but is it a world we should be looking forward to? Over the past decade or so, the world’s honeymoon period with a number of social media and tech giants has hit a few rocky patches. Many have begun to question whether the luxury of communicating with one another and purchasing online is worth handing away information detailing our every move.


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