US authorities harass RT reporter for hours at airport, question his Covid-19 vaccine shot

Russian journalists are facing prejudice and routine harassment by American authorities, Russia’s embassy in Washington has warned, after US security services questioned an RT filmmaker for hours and combed through his devices. RT documentary director Konstantin Rozhkov was stopped by US federal agents at a New York airport soon after arriving in the country on Wednesday, where he was subjected to a three-hour interrogation and forced to provide access to his electronics. Konstantin was subjected to the sort of treatment Washington would be up in arms about, if it was meted out to an American media worker in a foreign country. “The journalist was requested to open all electronic media, as well as explain publicly available information, including about him receiving the Russian-made [Covid-19] vaccine, Sputnik V,” the embassy said in a statement, adding that Rozhkov was also questioned about his “correspondence related to journalistic activities.”


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