UK care homes record 29,000 excess deaths during lockdown, lack of critical care partly to blame

Up to 10,000 Covid deaths among care home residents may have been missed off records, a study suggests. University of Manchester researchers combed through data from the Care Quality Commission, which tracks outbreaks in England’s care homes. Around 29,500 more care home residents died from April to August than expected — which are known as ‘excess deaths’. Comment: It was known that this would happen. And, despite the study’s claims, a significant majority of excess deaths were due to the lack of critical care because of the lockdown rather than Covid-19 infections: First, Do No Harm: If Primary Healthcare Remains Shut Down, Toll on Elderly Will be Worse Than COVID-19 Some 19,000 were reported to be caused by Covid-19. The remaining 10,000 were not flagged as being related to the disease.


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