FLASHBACK: A Mega Millions lottery is more secure than our election system

When it comes to the midterm elections, security has already lost. Elections security experts say that it is too late to do much to protect our voting systems against tampering for the midterms. The Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to spur ballot integrity upgrades are focused on 2020, but being future-minded is only an illusion: The hackers will always be ahead. When you’re talking about a set of processes as varied as how different states and districts vote — whether they still use outdated and vulnerable machines that leave no paper trail, or store their registration data insecurely online — there’s really no way to either prevent — or detect — ballot interference with anything like absolute certainty. Russians allegedly hacked Illinois and Arizona’s voter databases mere months before the 2016 presidential election. When DHS first detected these attacks it was too late to prevent them, only soon enough to seal up the vulnerabilities. Except that, even if elections…


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