BEST OF THE WEB: As thousands of soldiers pour into US Capitol for Biden’s inauguration, Congress orders military to vet them for ‘Trump terrorist sympathies’

Comment: Well, that escalated quickly. Anyone who supports Trump is now a ‘terrorist’. Not only that, congressmen are so paranoid that a ‘seditious conspiracy’ is afoot, they’re leaning on the generals to assume the Capitol protest on January 6th was part of a plot to ‘overthrow the US government’… Following last week’s storming of the Capitol by a pro-Trump mob, a military veteran in Congress asked the secretary of the Army for a review of US troops participating in President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration to be sure they are not sympathetic to domestic terrorists. Rep. Jason Crow, a Colorado Democrat and former Army Ranger, asked on a call with Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy Sunday for the military’s criminal investigation units to look into “troops deployed for the inauguration to ensure that deployed members are not sympathetic to domestic terrorists.” McCarthy agreed to take additional measures, Crow said in a statement on the call. As for whether or not the review will take…


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