‘Ministry of Social Cohesion’? German MPs want to CHANGE CONSTITUTION to grant special protections for minorities

Germany should fight all forms of discrimination by amending its basic laws to provide guarantees to minorities and create a special “social cohesion” ministry, a group of MPs said in a manifesto that sparked controversy online. “All forms of group-related enmity should be outlawed,” read the manifesto, which is supported by the German Bundestag Vice President Claudia Roth and other prominent Green MPs and MEPs. Its authors called for the state to be given a special mandate to “protect” the rights of minorities. The existing German constitution already guarantees equal rights to all people regardless of their gender, origin and other characteristics, but the manifesto’s authors say its wording is “problematic and inadequate,” and fails to address the difficulties minorities face when trying to get access to education or job opportunities due to supposedly widespread racism and sexism.


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